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Many of you know Denise Barrett, owner of Sunny & Chair, (or at least her dog Katt).  She is located just across the breezeway from us. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Denise, then you won't know the journey she has been on.  We would like to take the time to tell you about her story and hope that her answers will inspire you to keep reaching your fitness goals!

Tell us about yourself.
I am a 63-year-old workaholic, Interior Designer, owner of a fun home furnishing and gift boutique (Sunny & Chair).  I love what I do.  I love to guide people to create their own peaceful surroundings to enjoy a good life.

Before you started coming to Pinnacle Fitness, what was the turning point that made you decide to make a change?
I was in a car accident, which injured my discs.  I was told I needed surgery and would not be able to work for 6 - 8 months.  I would lose my home and business.  That was not an option for me.  I was told if I lost weight and did physical therapy that may help the pain.  Physical therapy was a painful experience.  I knew it was time to take care of myself.  I did not want to end up in a wheel chair. I was scared for what the future might bring.  Luke has been an integral part of my long-term motivation.  His knowledge and personal experience with back issues and pain, guided me with specific workouts and exercises, always concerned about my pain and what works for me individually.  Luke guided me with a diet and an exercise program that produced positive results. 

How long have you been in the Pinnacle Fitness Program?
I joined March 10, 2014.


What are some of the physical changes that you have experienced in the program?
I lost 100 pounds of unwanted fat and bulge.  I have less knee and back pain.  I am no longer in constant pain and my body fat went down 21%.

What are the biggest positive changes that you have noticed as a result of being part of the program?
Weight loss.  Exercising, stretching, and giving me strength in my core has had an impact with my back pain for the long term.  Pinnacle Fitness is my happy place.  I can go there and know I will not be judged and the results are always positive for my overall well-being.  I believe in Pinnacle Fitness and one on one personal training at any age, especially with any physical challenges for ultimate results.

How did you handle social situations - wining and dining?
That was never an issue for me.  If I decided to have a glass of wine, I would.  I watched my total intake of calories for the day, including the wine.  There are always salads, vegetables and just no butter and sauces.

How did you stay focused and motivated?
I saw results.  I was eating better.  Luke has been a strong support system every step of the way.

Did you ever have blowouts with food, and if so, how did you move forward?
Not really.  I crave trail mix occasionally.  Maybe cheese and crackers.  I've worked so hard; my body doesn't crave the old diet.  I have had dreams that I am eating gum drops. :)

Was this your first attempt to lose weight?
No, it seems my entire life I struggled with weight. First it was just baby fat, then it was "oh, she will grow out of it!"

What was your typical diet before you got into shape this time around?
Coffee in the morning, I didn't eat during the day, and then would eat all of my calories at night and it was never the right food.

Were there foods you eliminated from your diet?
Breads, sugar, pasta - Now I try to stick to all fresh to avoid additives.

What is your typical diet now?
Fruits, vegetables, cauliflower rice, chicken, eggs, salmon, oatmeal, and salads with protein.

How much protein do you eat in a day?
Egg whites with 1 whole egg, chicken, fish and Quest protein bars.

Describe your typical workout routine.  How much cardio do you do for how long?
My routine varies with each session.  I love the surprise of what I will be doing, that way I don't get bored.  I enjoy trying all the machines and learning what the benefits are to your body.  I have total faith and trust with all the trainers at Pinnacle Fitness to guide me.  The beauty of leaving it up to the trainers is they explain how to use the machine properly and are aware of each client’s physical limitations to avoid pain and injury.  My favorite workout is boxing - it is great cardio and upper arm workout but especially because I can take my aggression out.

What advice do you have for others wanting to lose weight and get toned?

It's never too late.  Mind and body are hand in hand.  Aging is the pits, but exercising keeps everything moving and motivates the mind for good thoughts.  Do it for yourself and ask for help from good, caring and professional people (Trainers).  Pinnacle Fitness is a safe place to feel comfortable in your own body.  Luke has created a positive atmosphere to achieve your own goals for physical and mental well-being.


Stop in to Sunny & Chair and see for yourself how far Denise has come and just how proud we are of her!

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